SUP Experience

The SUP experience is for new SUPers who have not yet completed an AVSUP private or public lesson. This is often a first ‘taster’ session to discover the joys of Stand Up Paddling. The cost is $50 and includes a beach-based orientation session to cover board and rider safety, followed by instruction on the water and time to practice your skills. Paddlers must remain within the ‘experience’ limits which will be explained on the day and may change depending on conditions. Generally, the ‘experience’ area is defined by Clareville beach. Note: the SUP experience is only available during low wind conditions and when tides are favourable. Please contact Tony to check conditions and availability.

Group (60 minute) Lessons

Each day we hold one or more ‘group paddle lessons’. These are an inexpensive way to gain SUP skills while meeting new friends. The lessons have a maximum of 8 people and cover basic and advance SUP skills. As we only have 8 people, we tailor each of the sessions to provide each member of the group with their required level of tuition. This lesson is not only a good entry point into SUP, but also qualifies participants to join our Weekly Paddle Fit Groups.

Group lessons cost $60 per person. To find out when the group lessons are taking place and to book a place, please visit our shop, by clicking here.

Individual 60 Minute Lesson

A comprehensive “one on one” introduction lesson for beginners covering skills and knowledge required to paddle safely on enclosed waters. The lesson includes 60 minutes individual tuition followed by free paddle time to hone your new skills.

Skills covered in this lesson include:

• Entering and exiting the water correctly
• Paddling in kneeling position with balance and confidence
• Paddling in standing position with balance and confidence
• Correct paddling technique
• Changing direction
• Stopping
• Back paddling
• Bow turns
• Reverse bow turns

For groups of more than 8 people, please contact Tony to organise your funtastic time!


Phone Tony on 0413 363 405 or click here to book now.